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Undergraduate Catalog 2014-15 
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-15 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate Program

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Advisor: Ms. Janice Maatman
The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance certification can be accomplished two ways at WMU, as a stand-alone certificate with a major and minor in any discipline or as part of a minor in Nonprofit Leadership through the School of Public Affairs and Administration. Information about obtaining the certification by fulfilling the minor requirements for Nonprofit Leadership is found in this catalog under the School of Public Affairs and Administration.

The Nonprofit Leadership program is designed to prepare students for entry-level professional positions in nonprofit organizations. The certificate that the student receives is awarded by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, a national organization of over 60 collaborating universities and national nonprofit organizations. The WMU NLA campus director (SPAA Master Faculty Specialist) and the national Nonprofit Leadership Alliance office assist students in finding employment and internship programs in nonprofit organizations. Additional information about the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance can be found at the national website (www.nonprofitleadershipalliance.org/) or at the WMU SPPA website (www.wmich.edu/spaa/) or by contacting the WMU NLA campus director at the School of Public Affairs and Administration, (269) 387-8945.


The Nonprofit Leadership program is offered in conjunction with a student’s major or minor or as a minor in Nonprofit Leadership. The requirements for certification are as follows:

1. Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Competency Requirements

The student must fulfill the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance competency requirements. These can be fulfilled through course work, workshops, internships, volunteer experience, service learning, or work experience.

2. Extra-Curricular Requirements

The student must fulfill the extra-curricular requirements prescribed by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. These requirements include participation in the Nonprofit Leadership Student Association, attending the Alliance Management/Leadership Institute (AMI), and participating in prescribed workshops.

3. The student must complete the following three courses:

4. Internship

The student must complete a minimum internship of 300 hours (3 credit hours) in a nonprofit organization. This internship is typically completed in the student’s major or minor, although it can also be supervised by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance director as PADM 4100 Internship in Nonprofit Leadership.

5. Grades

The student must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses that count toward fulfilling Nonprofit Leadership requirements

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Competency Requirements

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance competency requirements include Communication, Marketing, and Public Relations; Cultural Competency and Diversity; Financial Resource Development and Management; Foundation and Management of the Nonprofit Sector; Governance, Leadership, and Advocacy; Legal and Ethical Decision making; Personal and Professional Development; Program Development; Volunteer and Human Resource Management; and the Future of the Nonprofit Sector.

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