ED 4100 - Seminar in Education

The seminar will be directly related to the students' classroom experiences; it will further the students' practical understanding of research on effective teaching and effective schools, help to refine their techniques of effective classroom management and curriculum design, and enhance the students' sense of their own teaching style. The seminar will build the students' self-images as professionals as they are encouraged to take professional responsibility and to practice professional ethics. It is in the seminar that the ongoing Teaching Portfolio will be completed and reviewed by a faculty committee. Must be taken concurrently with ED 4700 or ED 4710 or ED 4750, depending on program. Program requires a grade of "CB" or better. May repeat course one time only.

Prerequisites & Corequisites: Prerequisites: ED 4700 or ED 4710 or ED 4750, depending on program (may be taken concurrently).

Credits: 1 to 2 hours

Restrictions: Restricted to majors/minors in education.

When Offered: Fall, Spring

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