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Graduate Catalog 2009-10 
Graduate Catalog 2009-10 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BUS 6180 - Information Technology Management

This course enables the student to understand the use of information technology as part of business strategy. Issues surrounding information technology such as information and communication systems and services and enterprise - wide systems-traditional, networked, extended, and virtual - in organizations will be explored. The growing convergence of technologies - computer, video, and telecommunications - within sophisticated information networks also will be examined. Students should gain knowledge about strategic issues involving information technology management rather than the development of specific computer skills.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Prerequisites: (ACTY 6010 or ACTY 2100 or ACTY 210) and (FIN 6020 or FIN 3200 or FIN 320 or FCL 320) and (ECON 6010 or ECON 2010 or ECON 201) and (LAW 6040 or LAW 3800 or LAW 380 or FCL 380) or approval of the HCOB director of graduate programs.

Credits: 3 hours

Restrictions Enrollment in HCOB graduate business courses requires admission to the M.B.A. or M.S.A. program or the approval of the Director of M.B.A. Program.
Notes: Open to Graduate students only.
When Offered: Fall, Spring

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