May 30, 2023  
Graduate Catalog 2010-11 
Graduate Catalog 2010-11 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BIOS 5593 - Biological Basis of Learning and Memory

Learning and remembering is mediated by the nervous system and is a fundamental biological phenomenon. The ability to change responses as a result of experience seems to be a prominent feature of all nervous systems and is key for organisms to interact with their environments. Indeed for humans to communicate, think and be who we are requires that we learn and remember our thoughts and representations. This course will explore an overview of learning and memory research with a focus on the biological bases and include studies at the behavioral level, brain and nerve cell levels as well as the molecular foundations of synaptic plasticity thought to underlie both complex and simple learning.

Credits: 3 hours

Notes: Open to Upperclass and Graduate Students.
When Offered: Fall (alternate years).

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