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Graduate Catalog 2010-11 
Graduate Catalog 2010-11 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MDSC 6530 - Health Promotion and Patient Counseling III

This is the third course in a three-semester series presented sequentially through the preclinical year of training. This course will focus on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes requisite for counseling and educating patients. These courses will emphasize counseling techniques with application to clinical problems such as crisis intervention, substance abuse, human sexuality, multiculturalism, and patient/practitioner transference/counter transference. Theories of personality and psychopathology will be investigated as they relate to patient and practitioner coping styles and effectiveness. Students will also develop expertise in educating patients in wellness and disease prevention. Students will investigate the caregiver role and become insightful regarding their own needs and limitations.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Prerequisite: Successful completion of prior semester of P.A. course work or departmental permission.

Credits: 1 hr.

Notes: Open to Graduate Students Only.

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