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Graduate Catalog 2010-11 
Graduate Catalog 2010-11 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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GRAD 7120 - Professional Field Experience

Designed for graduate students nearing completion of their degree who wish to pursue internships or apprenticeships. Effective internships relate to the student’s professional goals, require the student to function within the standard procedures of the setting, and require the student to assume increased specified professional activities. Because the work for a 7120 is ordinarily a culminating experience, students may enroll for 7120 only when the departmental graduate advisor or director deems that they have completed all appropriate course work and any other requirements that should precede the field experience. Permission to elect 7120 can be granted only when the student’s graduate advisor or committee deems that the project is integral to the student’s program of study and approves a prospectus outlining goals, rationale, activities, and methods of evaluation of the proposed field experience. 7120 should not supplant required or expected courses in the graduate program. If a graduate program has a required internship or field experience, approved by the university curricular review process, a maximum of 12 hours of 7120 may be applied to the graduate degree.

Credits: 2-12 hrs.

Notes: Open to Graduate Students Only. Graded on a Credit/No Credit basis. In other programs, which allow an internship or field experience but do not require one, no more than six hours of 7120 may be applied to the degree.

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