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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-16 
Undergraduate Catalog 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CIS 2900 - Web Applications for Business

In this course students will explore diverse Web applications from micro-blogs, to social networks, to mashups. Students will experience Web application technologies through a series of hands-on projects designed to help them tailor the tools according to the business needs. Students might create a new niche product by combining interactive ads with GIS-enabled maps or harness the power of social media to promote their business in this class. Students will also learn how to read and analyze personalized tracking technologies and apply them to various business contexts.

Prerequisites & Corequisites: Prerequisites: (CIS 1020 or CS 1000 or CS 1050 or FCS 2250 or HPHE 1490) or equivalent, and (BCM 1420 or ENGL 1050 or IEE 1020) or equivalent.

Credits: 3 hours

Notes: No programming knowledge is assumed for this course.

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