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Undergraduate Catalog 2011-12 
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-12 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Science

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Donald Nelson, Chair
Main Office:  B-265 CEAS (Parkview Campus)
Telephone:  (269) 276-3101
Fax:  (269) 276-3122

Ala Al-Fuqaha
Elise de Doncker
Ajay Gupta, Director of Graduate Programs
Donna Kaminski
John Kapenga
Karlis Kaugars
Mark Kerstetter, Director of Undergraduate Programs
Dionysios Kountanis
Leszek Lilien
Ronald Miller
Wuwei Shen
Robert Trenary
Li Yang
Zijiang Yang

The Department of Computer Science offers two Bachelor of Science programs and two minors for undergraduates. The department also offers a master’s program and a doctoral program for graduate students. All programs, both undergraduate and graduate, are in computer science. 

Computer Science is the study of digital computers and their uses for the effective processing of information. Degree programs offered emphasize the software aspects both in theory and application rather than the physical construction of computers (hardware aspects). The department offers a number of introductory programming courses as well as complete programs which provide much more focus in computer science.

The undergraduate programs described here provide education in the field of computer science to prepare graduates for careers in many kinds of work, including all aspects of software development and maintenance, database and network design and management, consulting, education, and training. Graduate work provides education in both applications and systems areas.

Computer Science areas of specialization can include: artificial intelligence, databases, distributed computing, graphics, human-computer interfaces, networking, operating systems, pattern recognition, programming languages, software engineering, theory of computing, web analysis and design, and computer and information security.

In computer science programs, you will study mathematics, general education subjects, and some electrical and computer engineering. Mathematics is necessary for the analysis and comparison of computer languages, machines, algorithms, and data structures. The theory and analysis major also requires courses in the basic sciences, engineering ethics, and communications.

Communicating ideas orally and in writing is important for computer scientists.


Academic Advising

Students should contact a computer science academic advisor as early as possible, certainly within the second semester of enrollment in computer science classes. Eligibility requirements for admittance into a major or minor program are available from the computer science advisor. An advisor is available to assist in individual program planning, to recommend electives appropriate to a student’s educational objectives, to discuss employment opportunities, and to help solve academic problems. Substitutions and transfer credit must be approved by a departmental advisor, curriculum committee, and department chair. Academic advising is available through Room E-102 CEAS, (269) 276-3260.


Additional Information

General information regarding counseling and types of degrees may be found under the beginning of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences section of this catalog.

Students must satisfy prerequisites before enrolling in a course. Those who fail to earn a “C” or better grade in a prerequisite course will be denied permission to enroll in the next course.

Enrollment will not be honored if it is found that the proper prerequisites have not been met. Students whose enrollments are denied for this reason are responsible for processing drop slips with the Registrar’s Office.


Computer Science Courses (CS)

Enrollments in most 5000-level computer science classes will be restricted to upper-level undergraduates and graduate students in Computer Science. Students in other graduate programs who need one of these courses either for subject matter or a research tool can gain admission by permission from the department.

A list of approved General Education courses can be found in the “Graduation and Academic Advising” section in this catalog.  

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