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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Aviation

College of Aviation

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Captain David M. Powell

Raymond Thompson
Associate Dean

Captain Stephen K. Jones
Interim Assistant Dean and Managing Director of Operations

Gil Sinclair
Faculty Chairman

Dace Copeland
Business Manager

Sharon VanDyken
Director, Academic Advising

Tom Thinnes
Manager, Recruitment and Outreach

Academic Advising

Students should contact an advisor as early as possible. Advisors are available to assist in the individual program planning, recommend electives appropriate to a student’s educational objectives, discuss employment opportunities, and help solve academic problems. Substitutions and special transfer credit must be approved by the advisor, the curriculum committee, or the Faculty Chair. Academic advising is available; phone (269) 387-0347. Because of the prerequisites and the limited offering times, students must consult an academic advisor if there are questions about proper course sequence.


Kalamazoo (all programs) - 2210 Kohrman
Telephone: (269) 387-0347

Battle Creek (Aviation Maintenance Technology) - Aviation Maintenance Building (by appointment)
Telephone: (269) 964-6874

Career Advising

Full career advising services are offered on main campus and students should contact the Career and Student Employment Services (http://www.wmich.edu/career/students/career_advising.html) for these services. For internship opportunities, students should contact the Manager of Recruitment and Outreach at (269) 964-6473. There are a number of internships available but they are very competitive.

Academic Performance

Candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree must satisfy the following requirements and University requirements stated elsewhere in this catalog:

  1. Students in the College of Aviation must achieve a minimum grade of “C” in all AVS courses required for graduation.
  2. No more than two grades of “D” or “DC” in courses, other than AVS courses, presented for graduation may be counted for graduation.

Approved Electives

Electives must be approved by a department academic advisor. While choice of electives is intended to provide flexibility for students, they must be selected to provide a thrust and add strength to the individual’s program. Non-related courses will not normally be approved.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit for FAA certification may be accepted providing the courses were taken at another accredited collegiate institution. Although these transfer courses may be approved for AVS credit, the use of these courses for AVS course substitution may not necessarily be approved.

Additional Costs

Special lab fees are in effect for all flight courses to cover the cost of flight instruction and aircraft operations. The fee is subject to change without notice due to fluctuations in operating costs. Flight fees are based on the average flight time required to complete the course. Students may require additional or less instruction. Refund of flight fees is subject to departmental refund policy, depending on whether a student completes a course of instruction or withdraws. Flight fees are due at the beginning of the semester.

Students are required to have their own hand tools for courses required for the Aviation Maintenance Technology program. Contact the AMT advisor for a list of required tools.

Class-related charges are assigned for laboratory courses.

Class related charges are also assigned to classes requiring special licensing purchases for simulation software, external testing fees or class related field trip expenses.

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