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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-16 
Undergraduate Catalog 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science

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John A. Clark, Chair
Main Office:  3308 Friedmann Hall
Telephone:  (269) 387-5680
Fax:  (269) 387-5354

James M. Butterfield
Paul Clements
J. Kevin Corder
Suhashni Datta-Sandhu
Emily Hauptmann
Gunther M. Hega
Susan Hoffmann
David G. Houghton
Mark Hurwitz
Denise Keele
Priscilla Lambert
Mahendra Lawoti
Jacinda Swanson
Peter W. Wielhouwer

Courses in the department are designed to prepare a student to: (1) become a well-informed citizen; (2) become a teacher of government or civics; (3) become a governmental employee or officer; (4) understand the part government plays in everyday business or other activities; (5) develop sound methods of investigation and reflection as well as the ability to evaluate political information critically; (6) understand the role that individuals and organized groups can play in the political process; and (7) appreciate the relationship of the study of government and public affairs to other social sciences. Students who wish to major or minor in political science should come to the department office as soon as possible to complete the appropriate declaration form and to consult with a departmental advisor.

Institute of Government and Politics

The Department of Political Science houses and administers the Institute of Government and Politics (IGP). The mission of the IGP is to introduce students, faculty and the greater Kalamazoo community to scholars of politics and political actors from outside the university and to the current research of departmental faculty and students. The IGP hosts events that feature experts on international and comparative politics, American politics and government, and political theory, as well as state and local elected officials, diplomatic and consular officials, and federal policymakers. The IGP teams with student groups and other academic units throughout the university to arrange these campus visits.

Foreign Study

Study abroad is encouraged by the Political Science Department. University funds are available to assist students who would like to spend a semester studying abroad. Credit toward any of the majors in political science can be obtained while studying in other countries. To explore these opportunities, talk with one of the faculty in the Political Science Department or contact the Study Abroad Director or Coordinator, B-2425 Ellsworth Hall.

Honors Program

Students have the opportunity to earn the bachelor’s degree with honors in political science. To be eligible a student must have an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, a GPA of 3.5 or above for courses in the major, prepare an original research paper with a department faculty member and pass an oral examination of the thesis with two additional faculty members.  Students interested in the program should consult the departmental honors advisor.

Programs of Study

Programs of study offered by the department include: (1) a standard major and minor in political science; (2) a major in political science with an international and comparative politics concentration; (3) a major in political science with a public law concentration; (4) a major in political science with an American public policy concentration; and (5) a teaching major and minor in political science.

Advanced Courses

Undergraduates may enroll in 5000-level courses only after attaining Junior standing and taking PSCI 2000, either PSCI 2400 or PSCI 2500, and two additional courses in Political Science.

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