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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-16 
Undergraduate Catalog 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Speech Pathology and Audiology

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Ann Tyler, Chair
Main Office:  4476 CHHS (Oakland Campus)
Telephone:  (269) 387-8045
Fax:  (269) 387-8044

Jennifer Dehaan, Office Coordinator
4476 CHHS (Oakland Campus)

Jan Bedrosian
Cary Cekola
Robin Criter
Teresa Crumpton
Heidi Douglas-Vogley 
Gregory Flamme
Sandra Glista
James M. Hillenbrand
Kathryn Hillenbrand
Yvette Hyter
Bharti Katbamna
Gary D. Lawson
Nickola W. Nelson
Mary Peterson
Helen Sharp
Stephen Tasko

Communication is the most complex aspect of human behavior. Impairments in the processes of communication - speech, language, and hearing - can significantly affect the lives of children and adults across the age span. Speech-language pathology and audiology are the areas of professional specialization that have developed out of concern for individuals with disorders of communication.

The mission of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology is to educate speech, language, and hearing professionals for a diverse and changing population, to advance knowledge through research, to deliver quality clinical services, and to serve as a resource for the community and professions. It is the vision of the department to continue recognition as a national leader for advancing knowledge in human hearing and communication processes and disorders through education, research, and service.

The undergraduate major in Speech Pathology and Audiology is a pre-professional curriculum designed to prepare students for graduate professional education in speech-language pathology, audiology, or related disciplines. Students must earn a graduate degree to be employed as an audiologist (AuD) or speech-language pathologist (MA or MS). Students entering the professions of speech-language pathology or audiology must adhere to a code of conduct and professional standards.

National data suggest that admission to a graduate program typically requires a grade point average higher than the minimum for the undergraduate major,  as well as a similar grade point average in the cumulative undergraduate GPA.  Information about the professions and current admission statistics can be obtained from the American Speech Language Hearing Association www.asha.org , www.asha.org/edfind, and the Academy of Audiology  www.audiology.org. 


Students who wish to major in speech pathology and audiology will declare the pre-speech (PRSA) major at the time of admission to the University. Declaring the pre-speech major does not guarantee admission to the speech pathology and audiology major, as admission is competitive and the strongest applicants are admitted to the major. Information necessary for admission includes the following documents: 

  • Speech Pathology and Audiology Undergraduate Application
  • All academic transcripts

All applications are submitted to the undergraduate advisor of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology. The deadline for submitting applications is February 1 of each year. Selection of students to be admitted to the major occurs after review of all applications by the Department Admissions Committee. This admissions process is competitive, with a specific number of students admitted each year. Selection of candidates is based on the following criteria:

  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 for all coursework after high school
  • Grade in an introductory course in communication disorders, and grades in required non-departmental coursework (college-level writing course, college-level biology/anatomy course, college-level general physics course, required math course, college-level statistics course)
  • Participation in observation and volunteer experiences

Students must be advised by the College of Health and Human Services undergraduate department advisor prior to application. For an advising appointment call (269) 387-8926.

Transfer Students

It is recommended that transfer students enroll at Western at the beginning of the first semester of the sophomore year. Those who enroll at a later stage may find that an additional period of study will be required to complete the undergraduate curriculum.

Honors in Speech Pathology and Audiology

Students admitted to the undergraduate major who are members of the Lee Honors College and who meet the academic requirements listed below are eligible to join the Departmental Honors Program for undergraduate majors in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology. The academic requirements include 1) completion of a minimum of 40 semester hours, and 2) a minimum university GPA of 3.5. Further information and specific requirements of the departmental honors program are available through the departmental honors advisor.

Licensure and Certification

Completion of the curricular requirements, together with the completion of a master’s degree program in speech pathology or doctoral program in audiology, typically satisfies all academic and practicum requirements of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for a Certificate of Clinical Competence in the emphasis area (speech-language pathology or audiology) pursued in graduate school and/or State Licensure.  States regulate the practice of speech-language pathology and audiology. Consult with your state’s regulatory boards and departments of education for detailed information.

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