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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 
Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Family and Consumer Sciences

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Gary Bischof, Chair
Main Office:  3326 Kohrman Hall
Telephone:  (269) 387-3704
Fax:  (269) 387-3353

Karen R. Blaisure 
Jou-Chen Chen
Bryce Dickey
Kimberly Dloudna
Linda Dove
Crystal Duncan Lane
Barbara J. Frazier
Angel Gullón-Rivera
R. Adam Manley
Bernard Proeschl
Arezoo Rojhani
Mary Simpson
Kelly Weathers
Caroline B. Webber
Zee-Sun Yun
Richard W. Zinser

The mission of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences is to provide integrative educational programs and conduct research focused on reciprocal relationships among individuals, families, and their near environments toward the goal of improving the quality of life within a dynamic world community.

Curricula offered in the department include:
Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Education
Family Studies-Family Studies Emphasis
Family Studies-Child Development Emphasis
Food Service Administration
Industrial Technology Education
Interior Design
Occupational Education Studies
Secondary Education in Business
Secondary Education in Marketing
Technology and Design
Fashion Merchandising and Design: Merchandising
Fashion Merchandising and Design: Design and Development

Minors offered in the department include:
Family Life Education
Industrial Technology Education
Secondary Education in Marketing
Textile and Apparel Merchandising
  Graphic Arts

Academic Advising
College of Education and Human Development Undergraduate Advising
2504 Sangren Hall

Advisors are available to assist in individual program planning, recommend electives appropriate to a student’s educational objectives, and help solve academic problems. Careful and regular planning with an advisor is critical to program completion in a timely manner. Substitutions and transfer credit must be approved by a faculty member in the major or the department chair.


Work Experience Programs

Programs offered in child and family development, dietetics, family studies, food service administration, interior design, and textile and apparel studies are designed to develop occupational competencies in their respective areas. These programs, which are sponsored jointly with businesses and agencies, provide students with an opportunity to complete a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. 


Career and Technical Education Curricula

Career and technical education is a curriculum that prepares students to qualify as teachers in Michigan middle and junior high schools, secondary high schools, and area technical centers in non-vocational and vocational education subject areas.

Areas of career and technical education offered by the department that do not require vocational endorsements include majors in industrial technology education, and secondary education in business, as well as minors in industrial technology and family life education. The program requirements are listed below under Non-Vocational Majors and Minors.

Areas of career and technical education offered by the department that require vocational endorsements include majors in family and consumer sciences education, secondary education in business, and secondary marketing education, as well as minors in occupational child care, occupational foods, secondary education in marketing, and vocational-technical (drafting and graphic arts).


Non-Vocational Majors

The requirements for each of the three non-vocational majors are described within the programs. The non-vocational majors are Industrial Technology Education and Secondary Education in Business.


Vocational Minors


The requirements for each of the vocational minors are described within the programs. The vocational minors are Occupational Child Care, Occupational Foods, Secondary Education in Marketing, and Vocational-Technical (Drafting and Graphic Arts). 

Majors in non-vocational teacher preparation programs may also earn one of the vocational minors in consultation with the advisor.   

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