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Graduate Catalog 2009-10 
Graduate Catalog 2009-10 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Specialist in Education in Educational Leadership

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Advisors: Andrea Beach, Louann Bierlein Palmer, Walter Burt, Van Cooley, Joseph Kretovics, Dennis McCrumb, James Morse, Sue Poppink, Patricia Reeves, Jianping Shen, Charles Warfield, Gary Wegenke
Room 2217, Sangren Hall.

The Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) prepares persons for leadership roles in educational administration positions.  The Ed.S. is a degree appropriate for students wishing to initially earn a post-master’s, but not doctoral, degree.  Persons seeking admission to the Ed.S. program should be definite about academic and professional goals and aspirations.  Students are cautioned that satisfactory completion of courses prior to admission to the Department program does not guarantee admission to the program.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the Ed.S. program should review the application requirement found at www.wmich.edu/coe/elrt/edleadership/phd/docinfo.htm.  In addition to The Graduate College requirements, the Department requires the submission of an autobiography, sketch, 3 graduate reference forms, completion of a Summary of Leadership Experience form, an interview with at least two members of the Educational Leadership faculty, and review and acceptance by the faculty as a whole at a meeting scheduled for student admission. 

Program Requirements

A program of study consists of a minimum of 60 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree and leads to an Ed.S. degree. In addition to the Ed.S. degree, a student can be recommended to receive, from the state, an endorsement as a central office administrator, if the appropriate courses are completed as follows (or equivalents as determined by the student’s advisor):


  • 6 credit hours from Master’s degree or other courses as approved by the advisor to meet the student’s program needs.


Depending on a student’s goals, an Ed.S. program of study (equaling at least 60 credits) other than the list noted above may be developed by that student’s advisor. This may lead to the receipt of an Ed.S. degree and a recommendation to receive, from the state, the K-12 Administrator Certificate and the basic principal endorsements.


Upon completion of an Ed.S. degree in Educational Leadership from WMU, any such student admitted to the Ph.D. in Educational Leadership will be able to count up to 60 graduate credit hours towards the 90 credit hour (post bachelors) required within that Ph.D. degree. This means that for such students, not withstanding any other policy, the minimum credit hours required to be taken at WMU after admission to such a doctoral program is 30 credit hours (including dissertation credits). There is also no specific number of course prescribed in order to meet the residency requirement for students within the Ed.S. in Educational Leadership program, although the university’s general residency requirement must be met by students with the Ph.D. in Education Leadership (either within the Ed.S. program at WMU or within their Ph.D. program at WMU).

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