Sep 23, 2023  
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-12 
Undergraduate Catalog 2011-12 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology Major (34 hours)

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A minimum of nine (9) hours must be taken from the WMU Psychology Department, and the student must obtain a grade of “C” or better in any courses that count toward the major. Majors are required to satisfy College-Level Mathematics or Quantitative Reasoning Proficiency before registering for PSY 3000.

Self-instructional courses will not generally count toward the Psychology major.

Introductory Core (9 hours)

Practicum or Laboratory Experience (3 hours)

Take one of the 3-hour practicum or laboratory courses

Acceptable Minors:

Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Economics, English, Linguistics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Practical Writing, Sociology, Social Work, and others approved by the department advisor.

Baccalaureate-Level Writing Requirement

Students who have chosen the Psychology major will satisfy the Baccalaureate-Level Writing Requirement by successfully completing:

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