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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 
Undergraduate Catalog 2012-13 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Education Curriculum (LEC)

All students who graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences will be enrolled in the LEC.

Liberal Education Curriculum Requirements

All students at Western Michigan University must satisfy the University General Education requirements. The Liberal Education Curriculum (LEC) expands these requirements as follows:

1. Foreign Language Requirement:

Two semesters (6-8 hours) of the same foreign language or American Sign Language, or proficiency by exam, or two credits (years) of a foreign language in high school with grade of “B-” or better in final semester. Fulfillment of this requirement based on high school record will be determined by the Arts and Sciences Advising Office.

2. Critical Thinking Requirement:

Students must complete a course approved for the General Education Proficiency 4c, Critical Thinking. A list of these courses can be found in the University’s General Education listings elsewhere in this catalog.

College Degree Requirements

1. The Liberal Education Curriculum.  Students who enter with the 2004 and subsequent catalogs and who will graduate through the College of Arts and Sciences will complete the Liberal Education Curriculum (LEC) described here. Students who entered under prior catalogs are encouraged to switch to the new LEC program.

2. Majors and Minors.  Students who will graduate through the College of Arts and Sciences must have a free-standing major (i.e., not a coordinate major) in the college and a minor in Arts and Sciences or any other college in the university. Students with two majors do not need a minor, but should consult with a curriculum advisor.

In order to be admitted to any major in the College of Arts and Sciences, students should apply to the department or program as soon as possible and prior to completion of 35 semester hours. Transfer students with more than 35 hours should apply before matriculation. Failure to do this may mean that a student will not be permitted to enroll in major core courses. Change of curricula during the junior or senior year will be accommodated where possible. Some departments have more restrictive policies for admission to the major, as described in the departmental sections of this catalog. 

3. The Credit/No Credit option cannot be used in courses that fulfill the baccalaureate writing, critical thinking and foreign language requirements of the Liberal Education Curriculum. Use of the Credit/No Credit option for courses in major and minor programs will follow the University policy.