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Undergraduate Catalog 2015-16 
Undergraduate Catalog 2015-16 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance Major - Bachelor of Fine Arts (DAFJ) (80 hours)

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Students may petition for entrance into the B.F.A. program after completion of:

  1. At least one semester each of ballet, jazz, and modern major technique courses
  2. DANC 1800: The Creative Choreographer
  3. At least one dance theory course.

Eligibility of transfer students to petition will be determined on an individual basis by the dance academic advisor. Petition forms are posted in November and March.

Continuation in the B.F.A. program will be determined by the dance faculty during the second semester of the student’s enrollment. In order to continue in the B.F.A. program, the student must: demonstrate potential to succeed as a professional dancer and/or choreographer; have at least B-level skills in technique and performance; and have demonstrated professional commitment in dance course work and dance-related activities. Any student discontinued from the program may reapply for the B.F.A. after a minimum of one additional semester at WMU.

By the end of the student’s junior year, the B.F.A. student must create and perform a solo dance in a public showing which exhibits his/her choreographic, technical, and performance skills. At this time, the student must also submit an essay. The essay is a discussion of the development of the choreographic project and a critique of the resulting final dance in the areas of choreography, technique and performance. The essay should include a discussion of how the project reflects or expands on the student’s beliefs and aspirations as delineated in the personal artistic statement. In order to enroll in DANC 4800: Graduating Presentation, the dance and essay must be acceptable to the dance faculty.

A grade of “C” or better is mandatory in all required dance courses.


General Education Requirements

The student enrolled in the B.F.A. in Dance must complete all General Education Requirements as described in this catalog.

DANC 1960: Conditioning for Dance, in combination with DANC 2950: Introduction to Dance Science and Kinesiology, meets the Area VIII, Health and Well-being General Education requirement for dance majors.


Baccalaureate-Level Writing Requirements


Students who have chosen the Dance major will satisfy the baccalaureate-level writing requirement by successfully completing DANC 3450: Twentieth Century American Dance.

Required Courses In Technique And Performance (33 hours)

The following courses may be used to complete the Technique/Performance requirement.

Technique Courses

B.F.A. students must enroll in two major technique courses (listed below) for regular credit each semester of the sophomore, and junior years. Courses must be selected to ensure the student is participating in a technique class five days per week.

Technique Courses - Senior Year

During the senior year, candidates must enroll for regular credit in major technique courses selected from the list above, and through enrollment in DANC 4000, serve as a teaching assistant in a technique course. Courses must be selected to ensure the student is participating in a technique class five days per week.

Technique Courses - Performance Course

At least four hours must be selected from performance courses.

Technique Courses - Ballet, Jazz, and Modern

The student must complete at least two semesters each of ballet, jazz, and modern technique courses; one semester of:

And at least one semester of two of the following:

Required Courses In Choreography (12 hours)

Required Courses In Theory (26 hours)

History (6 hours)

Production and Management (4 hours)

Pedagogy (2 hours)

Capstone Experience (2 hours)


DANC 4800 - Graduating Presentation  Credits: 3 hours, is also considered a capstone experience in choreography, production, and management for the B.F.A. student.

Related Studies (9 hours)

The Department of Dance believes that the professionally oriented student must augment his/her education via study in the related arts and sciences which complement specific career goals. The student will consult with the dance academic advisor in selecting 9 hours from the courses listed below, some of which may also meet General Education requirements:

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