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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 
Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Arts in Music (122 hours)

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1. General Education Electives (37 hours)

2. A major in music (48 hours)

Music Convocation (6 semesters)

Applied Music (4 hours)

Basic Music (12 hours)

Aural Skills (2 hours)

Music History/Literature (8 hours)

History or Theory Electives (2 hours)

Theory electives may be selected from the following:

History electives may be selected from the following:

Music Performance Electives (6 hours)

Six hours chosen from the following:

Ensemble Electives (Minimum 2 hours)

(these courses may be repeated for credit)

Please note the following:

Most ensembles are by audition only.

Remaining Performance Hours

Students may elect the following non-repeatable courses for the remaining performance hours if they wish:

Music Electives (11 hours)

Capstone Requirement (3 hours)

Students may select one of the following three courses:

3. A Minor or Second Major in Another Department (minimum) (15 hours)

Multimedia Arts Technology is an exception and can be elected for inclusion in the BA degree.

(Note: In the event that the credit hours for the minor requirements established by the department which offers that minor are greater than 15, the students may make an appropriate adjustment in the hours allowed for free electives.)

4. Free Electives (22 hours)


To be awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree, the student, in completing requirements as outlined above, must have completed at least 67 hours of general studies/general education classes outside of music.

World language requirement: The student must complete training in a language other than English through at least the fourth semester, college-level.

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