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Graduate Catalog 2018-19 
Graduate Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Arts in Music (Accelerated)

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This is an accelerated graduate degree program (AGDP) which combines a Bachelor of Music degree (or a Bachelor of Arts in Music) with a Master of Arts in Music. To begin the program, qualified undergraduate music students can be admitted into the accelerated degree program and take approved graduate-level coursework in history and theory. These courses count as advanced placement toward the M.A. degree and can be used to substitute for theory/history and professional music elective requirements in the B.M. The university limits the total number of graduate credits used in the AGDP to twelve (12) and restricts enrollment to undergraduates of senior standing (i.e., 88 total credits). School of Music policy does not restrict AGDP students to only one calendar year between initial enrollment in the AGDP and completion of the baccalaureate degree. In addition, undergraduates admitted to dual enrollment status with the Graduate College, may take additional graduate-level courses for graduate credit only (i.e., counting toward the M.A., but not toward the B.M.). The student can apply for admission into the master’s program following completion of the bachelor’s degree, and complete the remaining graduate coursework in their fifth year.

Admission Requirements for AGDP Status:

Applications to the accelerated degree program may be submitted by students meeting the following requirements:

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.0 based on at least 30 undergraduate credit hours earned at Western Michigan University.
  2. A minimum GPA pf 3.25 in core music theory, history, and aural skills courses completed at the time of application, with no grade less than a “C” at the 1000-level and no grade less than a “B” at the 2000-level.
  3. A Personal Statement in which the student discusses their reasons for choosing the program and their primary area of interest (e.g., history, theory, etc.). They should also outline career goals, and identify those skills and knowledge areas they feel must develop in order to achieve those goals.

Departmental application must be submitted to the chair of the Academic Area. The deadline is February 15 to be eligible to enroll in graduate courses in the following fall semester; October 15 to be eligible to enroll in graduate courses in the following spring semester. Applicants who are in their final semester of completing the core may apply for provisional admission pending successful completion in accordance with requirement 2 above.

After departmental approval students must apply online through the Office of Admissions-graduate admissions to the Music Accelerated Graduate Degree Program. After university admission, the student’s record will indicate the AGDP status. Please note that acceptance by the university does not guarantee departmental approval.

Continuation of AGDP Status:

Students admitted to AGDP status can continue to enroll in approved graduate-level courses provided that they continue to meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 overall (music and non-music) courses.
  2. A minimum GPA of 3.25 for all core music theory, history, and aural skills, with no grade less than a “C” at the 1000-level and no grade less than a “B” at the 2000-level.
  3. Completion of any stated prerequisites for the specific courses.
  4. No grade less than a “B” earned for all graduate-level courses to be applied to the master’s degree.

Eligibility will be verified by WMU transcripts following each semester.

Dual-Enrollment Admission:

A senior may also apply to the Office of Admissions for dual-enrollment admission if they meet the following requirements:

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.0 or better for the two years prior to admission date.
  2. No more than 15 credit hours remaining for completion of the bachelor’s degree.

Once granted dual-enrollment status, the student may enroll in approved graduate-level coursework which would apply toward the master’s degree only. No graduate credit earned in this way may be used to meet undergraduate requirements.

Application to Candidacy in the M.A. in Music Program:

The following are the application requirements for the final year of the master’s degree:

  1. Successful completion of the Bachelor of Music degree (or Bachelor of Arts in Music).
  2. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0.
  3. A minimum of 12 graduate credit hours in music, including MUS 6100 (or equivalent), with no grade less than a “B”.
  4. A portfolio of three scholarly papers (from previous coursework) which demonstrate the ability to conduct research and write at a level appropriate for a master’s thesis.
  5. A master’s thesis proposal which discusses the thesis topic and outlines the coursework completed to date and the remaining courses to be taken to prepare for the thesis and complete the degree.
  6. A thesis advisor’s signature.

Applications must be submitted to the chair of the Academic Area by February 15 of the senior year. It is recommended that a student seek out a thesis advisor in the fall of the senior year to ensure adequate time to prepare the proposal.

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