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Graduate Catalog 2018-19 
Graduate Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Arts in Biological Sciences (Accelerated)

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The Accelerated Graduate Degree Program (AGDP) for the Master of Arts (MA) in Biological Sciences is designed to allow undergraduate students in Biological Sciences the opportunity to complete the requirements for the Master’s degrees at an accelerated pace. These undergraduate students may count up to 12 (but no fewer than 6) credit hours of 5000-level courses taken during their undergraduate studies at WMU towards a Master of Arts degree in Biological Sciences.

Admission Requirements:

Permission to pursue the AGDP MA degree program does not guarantee admission to the Graduate College; however, successful completion of the undergraduate degree under AGDP MA program will ensure admission to the Graduate College.

Admission is contingent upon meeting the following eligibility requirements:

Student must have completed a minimum of 80 and a maximum of 96 credit hours in their undergraduate program, including credits earned from advanced placement. Thus, students are expected to apply during their junior year (or the year immediately preceding when they expect to graduate with their Bachelor’s), to ensure they are able to take full advantage of the AGDP MA program.

Transfer students must have completed a minimum of 15 credits in the WMU Biological Sciences department and a minimum of 30 credits from WMU.

Students must have a minimum accumulated grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 at WMU and 3.5 in Biological Sciences classes.

International students must clarify their visa status with the Office of International Student Scholar Services before submitting an application.

Prospective students meeting the eligibility requirements must set up a meeting with the BIOS Undergraduate Advisor and Graduate Advisor to develop a plan for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.


Application to the AGDP MA program must be made to the Office of Admissions (or International Admissions) and the Department. Application materials include the following:

Application to the University

Application fee

Copy of all transcripts

Three letters of recommendation from academic or professional sources

BIOS application including a plan indicating the 5000-level courses (maximum of 12 credit hours) that will be counted for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Program Requirements:

Students must complete the Bachelor’s degree before entering the Master’s program. Students in the AGDP MA program may not elect to bypass the Bachelor’s degree.

Students will be allowed to count only a maximum of twelve (12) 5000-level credits taken during their undergraduate studies at WMU. These credits will be waived for their Master’s degree.

Students must receive a grade of “B” (3.00/4.00) or better in the 5000-level courses to be counted for both their Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. Courses with a grade of “CB” or below cannot be counted towards their Master’s degree. The courses with a grade below “B” will have the earned grade applied to their undergraduate program only, assuming the earned grade meets the requirements for the undergraduate program. Students who do not meet the grade criterion as part of the AGDP MA program must apply for readmission to the graduate program.

Once accepted into the program, students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment during the academic year.

A student completing the Bachelor’s degree requirements with an accumulated GPA less than 3.25 is automatically terminated from the AGDP MA program. They will still receive their Bachelor’s degree, if they meet the requirements of the undergraduate program.

A student who becomes ineligible to participate in or withdraws from the AGDP MA program can no longer qualify for waiving any of the courses taken as an undergraduate towards their Master’s degree. It is the responsibility of the student to recognize his/her eligibility status.


A student may withdraw from an approved AGDP MA program at any time by informing, in writing, the Undergraduate Advisor and the Graduate Advisor. A copy of this request to withdraw will be sent to the Graduate College.

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