Dec 05, 2023  
Graduate Catalog 2018-19 
Graduate Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate Program in Educational Leadership – School Administrator Certificate: Central Office Endorsement

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Advisors: Louann Bierlein Palmer, Walter Burt, Brett Grier, Dennis McCrumb, Patricia Reeves
Room 3571, Sangren Hall

This certificate is for individuals who already have a master’s degree, and are seeking to obtain the state’s Administrator Certification: Central Office Endorsement by taking the 21 required credits beyond the master’s degree.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to this graduate certificate must have a completed master’s degree prior to beginning the credits toward the certificate. Specific application requirements and the application link can be found on the website of the Department of Educational Leadership, Research, and Technology.

Program Requirements

A program of study consisting of 21 credits as noted below (or equivalents) is required. In addition to this WMU certificate, a student can be recommended to receive the state certification/central office endorsement.

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