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Undergraduate Catalog 2019-20 
Undergraduate Catalog 2019-20 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History Major-Secondary Education Curriculum

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The secondary teacher preparation program complies with Guidelines for the Certification of Teachers of History established by the American Historical Association.

1.   Minimum of 36 hours in history selected from categories listed below.

2.   Minimum grade of “C” in all course work required for the major, including required cognates.

3.   Completion of 15 credit hours of required cognates.

4.   All course work at the 3000/4000-level must be completed within 10 years of intern teaching.

5.   At least one approved history course (3 hours) exploring diversity in U.S. society. Select from: HIST 3160, 3191, 3251, 3260, 3265, 3280, or 3285. Some 4000-level baccalaureate writing course may meet this requirement.

6.   One (3 hour) “writing-intensive” courses at the 3000-level.  (See list of courses below.)

7.   With permission of the advisor, students may substitute advanced level (4000-level) history courses for intermediate level (3000-level) courses in the same topical area, providing the student has the appropriate prerequisite.

8.   Completion of at least 9 hours of courses at the 4000-level, with at least one course in the premodern category and one course in the modern category. One course (3 hours) at the 4000-level must be Baccalaureate Writing. One course (3 hours) must be HIST 4940: Teaching Methods for Secondary Schools.

Major Requirements:

1. Introductory level history courses (12 hours)

Select either:

Select either:

Select either:

2. Intermediate level history courses

15 hours including 3 hours of writing-intensive courses (See list of courses below). At least 3 hours must be taken from the premodern category and 3 hours from the modern category.

3. Advanced level history courses (9 hours)

Students need to complete three courses (9 hours) at the 4000-level with one course that is in the premodern category and one course in the modern category. One of the two 4000-level courses must be a Baccalaureate Writing course, which are designated “(BW)” in the online schedule of classes. Students also need to complete HIST 4940: Teaching Methods for Secondary Schools.

Cognate Requirements (15 hours)

2. One approved course in economics. Select either:

3. One approved course in geography selected from:

4. Two approved courses in political science. Select:

Writing Intensive Courses - History

Prerequisite: HIST 2900 or instructor approval.

Courses by Chronological Category - History


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