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Graduate Catalog 2019-20 
Graduate Catalog 2019-20 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Public Health

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The Master of Public Health (MPH) is a generalist degree that prepares students in foundational knowledge, competencies and skills associated with addressing public health needs and issues. Central to this program are applied practical and integrated learning experiences associated with ensuring competence in evidence-based approaches to public health practice, public health and health care systems, planning and management to promote health, policy in public health, leadership, communication, interprofessional practice and systems thinking. The program is delivered using a hybrid model with the majority of each course completed online. The 42-credit program incorporates applied practical-based applications throughout the courses, culminating in a capstone project that provides evidence of students’ ability to synthesize and integrate public health knowledge, skills and competencies.

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the general admission requirements of the Graduate College, the minimum requirements for admission to the Master of Public Health are listed below. Achievement of these minimum standards does not guarantee acceptance.

  1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, indicated on an official transcript.
  2. One official transcript from each institution attended since high school.
  3. An overall grade point average of at least 3.0 in the last two years of undergraduate work.
  4. Undergraduate courses in biology/anatomy and physiology, statistics, psychology/behavior change and communication are strongly recommended.
  5. Up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae.
  6. Three (3) professional references: One from an individual who can attest to academic potential, at least one from a supervisor who can attest to work skills, and one from someone who can comment on the applicant’s fit with or commitment to public health or health related fields.
  7. A personal statement that includes:
    • Academic statement: provide a concise academic statement of your plans for graduate study, your career goals and how WMU’s MPH program will help you meet your career and educational objectives.
    • Why are you interested in WMU’s MPH program? Why have you chosen a hybrid program? How do you plan to succeed in a predominantly online environment?
    • What roles and/or experiences have you had in public health that have sparked your interest?
    • What are your expectations for a future career in public health (highlighting your emphasis area of interest)?
    • What evidence do you have that your employment, academic or volunteer background is related to public health in a governmental, nonprofit or health-care organizational setting?

Conditional Admission Policy

An applicant may be “admitted with conditions” under the following situations. In each instance, both the reason for conditional admission and the pathway for removal of conditional admission must be described in the letter the student receives.

  1. No undergraduate degree: If the applicant has not finished an undergraduate degree but is scheduled to complete it before entering the MPH program.
    • If the degree is awarded prior to entry their admission status is changed to “regular admission.”
    • If the degree is not awarded prior to entry into the program, the applicant is removed from consideration and encouraged to re-apply after degree completion.
  2. Missing official transcripts: When the applicant has provided one or more unofficial transcripts, he/she may be “admitted with conditions” if all other admission requirements have been met. In this instance, conditional admission status is removed when all official transcripts are received.
  3. GPA below 3.0 in last two years: If the applicant’s GPA in the last two years is below 3.0 but higher than 2.75 he/she may be admitted with conditions. In this instance, the reviewer(s) who support “admission with conditions” must provide a written description of the evidence they find in the applicant’s materials that argue for a high level of success in the pursuit of the MPH at WMU.
    • In this instance conditional status is changed to regular admission status when the student completes two consecutive semesters of being in “Good Standing” as described in the WMU Graduate College Catalog.
    • Students whose progress results in a “Warning,” “Probation,” “Extended Probation” or “Final Probation” status, as described in the WMU Graduate College Catalog, will follow the guidelines stated therein.

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