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Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science: International & Comparative Politics Concentration (PPIJ)

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This concentration is available within the political science major for students with particular career and/or advanced degree interests that would require concentrated knowledge of foreign politics and/or international politics. The concentration provides for students completing the program to receive designation of this specialization on their transcript.

The concentration in international and comparative politics is aimed at preparing students for careers in international affairs, the foreign service, development assistance, and international business.

Students interested in a major in political science with a concentration in international and comparative politics should see the designated departmental advisor.

A grade of “C” or better is required in all courses in the major in political science with a concentration in international and comparative politics, including cognates and language courses.

Program Requirements

For the political science major concentration in international and comparative politics, a student must complete the following:

Required Core Courses (16 hours):

One course in methods chosen from:

One course in political theory chosen from:

Additional Course

  • One additional course (3 to 4 hours) from Political Science at the 3000-level or higher.

Baccalaureate-Level Writing Requirement

Foreign Language Requirement

Student must complete two years of the same foreign language, and this can be met in one of the following four ways. First, successful completion (defined as passing) of the 2010-level course at WMU in the language of their choice. Second, successful completion of similar courses at another institution which are accepted as transfer credit by WMU. Third, passing the Foreign Language Placement Evaluation Exam in the language of their choice regularly offered by the Department of World Languages and Literatures. The student must be placed in the third year of study, which means the student’s level of competence is in accordance with two completed years. Fourth, if the student is a foreign student whose first language is not English, the student is exempt from this requirement. Determination of eligibility for this exemption will be based on whether the student was required to take the TOEFL test for admission.

Cognate Courses

Complete at least three additional courses on foreign, international, or cross-national topics (prior approval by advisor required) from at least two of the following departments: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, World Languages and Literatures (literature and culture classes only), Comparative Religion, Sociology or Spanish (literature and culture classes only). Certain business courses may also be considered (see advisor).

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