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Undergraduate Catalog 2007-08 
Undergraduate Catalog 2007-08 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Program Courses

Approved as of 1/18/06

The Proficiencies

Proficiency 1: College-Level Writing

Proficiency 2: Baccalaureate-Level Writing

Does not count toward 37 credit minimum General Education hour requirement. Consult your curriculum or major program advisor for the course(s) approved for your area of study.

Proficiency 4: Enhance or Develop a Proficiency

Consult your major or college advisor regarding the requirement(s) for your program.

A course or courses in one of the following categories:

Proficiency 4a, Advanced Writing

Proficiency 4d, Oral Communications

Proficiency 4e, American Sign Language

Proficiency 4f, Computer Science

Proficiency 4g, Foreign Languages

All Western Michigan University foreign language courses are granted general approval to satisfy Proficiency 4g. 

Two semesters of college-level foreign language study will satisfy this requirement; students entering the University with college-level knowledge of a foreign language will be allowed to satisfy this requirement by taking two more advanced language courses or by taking two semesters of yet another foreign language.

The Distribution Areas

Distribution Area II: Humanities

Distribution Area III: The United States: Cultures And Issues

Distribution Area IV: Other Cultures and Civilizations

Distribution Area V: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Distribution Area VII: Natural Science and Technology: Applications and Implications