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Graduate Catalog 2012-13 
Graduate Catalog 2012-13 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Academic Forgiveness

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Students who are readmitted into graduate study may apply for academic forgiveness through the Graduate College. Students who are granted academic forgiveness will not have grades and credit hours count in the computation of their grade point average that were earned more than seven years prior to their new entrance date. In such cases, the transcript will read, “Grades and credit hours earned more than seven years prior to current entrance date were not included in the computation of the grade point average.” The request for academic forgiveness must occur at the time of readmission.

Graduate Student Permanent Program of Study

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A Graduate Student Permanent Program of Study is a document composed by a graduate student’s program advisor that lists all course and other requirements necessary for completion of the degree program to which the student was admitted. The Graduate Student Permanent Program of Study (available at is approved by the student’s program advisor and by the graduate dean, filed in the Registrar’s Office, and used to audit the student’s eligibility for the degree. For more information, see the section in this catalog entitled Graduation Procedures and Requirements.

Identification Card

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The Bronco Card is the student’s photo identification card at WMU. In addition, the Bronco Card is the student’s access card for the library, dining areas, Student Recreation Center, and computer centers and is a security access card for buildings on campus.

The Bronco Card also enables the student to ride for free on the Metro Bus Service on any route around the Kalamazoo area.

The Bronco Card has the size, look, and feel of a credit card. Included on the card are the student’s picture and signature. On the back of the card is a magnetic strip, used for authentication. 

The Bronco Card will serve the student as a University ID for as long as the student remains at WMU.

Name Change

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Students may maintain academic records under the name used at the time of admission. However, any active student desiring to make an official name change must report to the Registrar’s Office, third floor Seibert Administration Building to record the change. Legal proof is required. 


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A student’s transcript from Western Michigan University is a document listing, at minimum, all courses taken and credit hours from Western Michigan University and grades earned in the courses. 


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