May 26, 2024  
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Guide to Course Prefixes

A-S College of Arts and Sciences 
AAAS African American and African Studies
ACTY Accountancy 
ADA Alcohol and Drug Abuse 
AE Aerospace Engineering
ANTH Anthropology 
APSC Applied Sciences
ARAB Arabic 
ART Art 
AVS Aviation Sciences 
BCM  Business Communication
BIOS  Biological Sciences 
BLS Blindness and Low Vision Studies 
BME Biomedical Engineering
BUS Business 
CCE Civil and Construction Engineering 
CECP Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology 
CEHD College of Education and Human Development
CFA College of Fine Arts
CHEG Chemical Engineering 
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese 
CHP Chemical Engineering
CIS Computer Information Systems 
CLAS Classics
COM Communication 
CORP Community and Regional Planning
CS Computer Science 
CYCS Cybersecurity: CS
CYIS Cybersecurity: CIS
DANC Dance 
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering 
ECON Economics 
ED Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies
EDLD Educational Leadership 
EDMM Engineering Design, Manufacturing, and Management Systems
EDT Educational Technology 
EM Engineering Management
EMR Evaluation, Measurement and Research 
ENGL English 
ENGR Engineering and Applied Sciences
ENVS Environmental and Sustainability Studies 
ES Educational Studies 
EVAL Evaluation Center 
FCL Finance and Commercial Law 
FCS Family and Consumer Sciences 
FIN Finance and Commercial Law - Finance 
FREN French 
FYE First Year Experience
GEOG Geography 
GEOS Geosciences 
GER German 
GIST Global and International Studies
GPS Graphic and Printing Science
GRAD Graduate College 
GREK Greek
GRN Gerontology
GWS Gender and Women’s Studies
HISP Hispanic Studies
HIST  History 
HNRS  Honors College 
HOL Holistic Health Care
HPHE Human Performance and Health Education
HSV  Health Services 
IEE Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering
IHS Interdisciplinary Health Sciences 
INTL International and Global Studies 
IPE Interprofessional Education
ITAL Italian
JPNS Japanese 
JRN Journalism 
LANG World Languages  and Literatures
LAT Latin 
LAW Finance and Commercial Law - Law 
LS Literacy Studies
LWIR Lewis Walker Institute for Race and Ethnic Relations
MATH Mathematics 
MDSC Medical Science
MDVL Medieval Institute 
ME Mechanical Engineering 
MFE Manufacturing Engineering
MGMT Management 
MKTG Marketing 
MPH Master of Public Health
MSL Military Science  and Leadership
MUS Music 
NUR Nursing 
OCL Organizational Change and Leadership
OLP Organizational Learning and Performance
OT Occupational Therapy 
PADM Public Affairs and Administration 
PAPR Paper Engineering
PEGN Health, Physical Education and Recreation 
PH Public Health
PHIL Philosophy 
PHYS Physics 
PSCI Political Science 
PSY Psychology 
PT Physical Therapy
REL Comparative Religion 
RUSS Russian
SCI Science Education
SIGN American Sign Language
SLHS Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
SOC Sociology 
SPAN Spanish 
SPED Special Education 
SPSY School Psychology
STAT Statistics 
SWRK Social Work 
TEL Teaching English Learners
THEA Theatre 
UNIV University Curriculum
WFED Workforce Education and Development