Oct 03, 2023  
Graduate Catalog 2014-15 
Graduate Catalog 2014-15 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SWRK 6860 - Applied Social Work Research

This course involves working as a member of a faculty-led research team. Students will be involved in the conceptualization of a research problem, the design of a methodology, the collection and analysis of data, and the development of a report of the findings. This course is offered occasionally, depending on the existence of an appropriate research project. SWRK 6860 may replace SWRK 6420 and one elective in the student’s plan of study.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Prerequisites: SWRK 6400, 6720.

Credits: 3-6 hrs.

Notes: Open to Graduate Students Only. Graded on a Credit/No Credit basis.

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