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Graduate Catalog 2014-15 
Graduate Catalog 2014-15 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HOL 5380 - Eastern Thought and Practice

Eastern thought and practice has informed our current understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection. For thousands of years the spiritual and/or philosophical practices of the Eastern psychological traditions taught practitioners how to cultivate the qualities of self-awareness, focus, kindness, contentment, mindfulness, and compassion. Modern day science has confirmed that these qualities have a direct and positive impact on health. Through comparative analysis of various philosophical and religious traditions (primarily Tibetan and Zen Buddhism) and experiences, students will explore these practices and consider how they inform their daily life, their understanding of themselves, their communities and the wider world and how they have influenced and continue to influence current scientific research on the mind/body/spirit connection. The meditative/mindfulness practices will help students move along the path to their own sense of inner peace, calmness, clarity and liberation.

Credits: 3 hours

Notes: Open to Upperclass and Graduate students.

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