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Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ECE 4810 - Electrical/Computer Engineering Design I

First of a two-semester sequence on engineering design in which students work in teams on approved design projects. A preliminary design is expected at the conclusion of this course.

Prerequisites & Corequisites: Prerequisites: IEE 3160 and ECE 2510 and ECE 3710, and either (ECE 3200 or ECE 3300) or (ECE 4525 and ECE 4510); with a grade of “C” or better required in all prerequisites. (ECE 4510 may be taken concurrently.)

Credits: 2 hours

Restrictions: This course is restricted to computer engineering and electrical engineering majors only.

Lecture Hours - Laboratory Hours: (1 - 3)

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