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Graduate Catalog 2007-08 
Graduate Catalog 2007-08 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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EDLD 6670 - The Principalship

This course provides a systematic study of the tasks and functions of the school principal, covering all areas of K-12 education. Emphasis is given to planning within the context of the community, planning and evaluation for program development and school improvement, and planning for supervision of personnel and programs. Students will be required to develop a vision statement and strategic plan based upon the principles of transformative leadership, appraise the duties of various building staff members, and demonstrate an understanding of scheduling, parent and community involvement, procedures that support a safe and positive school climate, motivational strategies for effective instructional leadership, and legal and contractual issues related to the principalship.

Credits 3 hrs.

Open to Graduate Students Only. Completion of EDLD 6020 and EMR 6400, or EDLD 6020 and ED 6010, is strongly recommended prior to taking this course.

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