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Graduate Catalog 2007-08 
Graduate Catalog 2007-08 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HOL 6500 - Seminar in Holistic Methods

This course serves as a follow-up to HOL 5310 and is a course for the Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health Care. It offers students an exploration of holistic approaches to wellness promotion, therapy, stress-management, and professional self-care that honor the interdependent relationship between body, mind, spirit, and community. The course also provides an overview of various paradigms of health, holistic approaches to assessment, skills in accessing and discerning relevant research, and examples of “holism in action” in the community. The format for the course will be a combination of experimental activities, lectures, discussions, personal reflections, small group activities, guest speakers, and audio/visual presentations. Through these learning experiences students will have the opportunity to develop a deeper knowledge of the relationship between body, mind, and spirit as well as how to integrate this into their personal and professional practice.

Prerequisites/Corequisites: Prerequisite: HOL 5310 or instructor approval.

Credits 3 hours

Open to Graduate students only.

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