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Graduate Catalog 2007-08 
Graduate Catalog 2007-08 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Dr. Marion Gray, Chair
Main Office: 4301 Friedmann Hall
Telephone: (269) 387-4650
FAX: (269) 387-4651

Robert F. Berkhofer, III
Amos Beyan
Linda Borish
José Brandao
Andrew Carlson
Michael Chiarappa
Janet Coryell
Frederick J. Dobney
Howard Dooley
E. Rozanne Elder
Nora Faires
Ralph Gordon
Bruce Haight
Barbara Havira
Lynne Heasley
Catherine Julien
Mitch A. Kachun
Cheryl H. Lyon-Jenness
Paul Maier
Edwin Martini
John Norman
R. Patrick Norris
Onaiwu Ogbomo
James Palmitessa
Lewis R. Pyenson
Eli Rubin
John Salliant
Peter Schmitt
Larry Simon
Kristin Szylvian
Luis Toledo Pereyra
Wilson Warren
Victor Xiong
Takashi Yoshida

Director of Graduate Studies
The Director of Graduate Studies is the central application, admissions, and advising source in the department. Upon arrival, all students must meet with the Director to register for classes, to be advised regarding a supervising professor, and to plan an overall course of study. Upon completion of 12 hours of course work, all M.A. students must meet with their supervising professor to complete their permanent plan of study to file with The Graduate College.

Annual Review of All Master’s and Doctoral Students
The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) reviews all student files once a year. The review process, conducted by the GSC and the supervising professor, has two aims: 1) to advise students regarding the construction and development of their program of study, and 2) to address problems of incompletes, failing grades or difficulties completing course work or theses. The GSC can shift students from one master’s option to another, will warn students if they are in jeopardy of being dismissed, and can set conditions for students to meet to avoid dismissal.

Waiver of a Requirement
Any waiver from a requirement must be requested in writing to the Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Studies Committee for decision. Requests must be supported in writing by the student’s supervising professor.

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