Nov 28, 2022  
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Information Systems Major (CMIJ)(24 hours)

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Required Courses [5 courses (15 credit hours)]

Please note:

  • Sequencing for the required courses must be as follows:

(1) CIS 2600 or CIS 2610 or CIS 2800, (2) CIS 3600, (3) CIS 4600, (4) CIS 4640, (5) CIS 4990

  • Prerequisite for CIS 4640 is CIS 2700 and (MGMT 2500 or MKTG 2500) or instructor approval.

Electives [3 courses (9 credit hours)]

Please choose your electives based on the following career pathways you plan to pursue. Electives may be taken at the same time as your required courses subject to their prerequisite requirements. If you are not sure, please make an appointment with the CIS major coordinator or a CIS faculty advisor to seek advice before choosing your electives.

Career Pathway: Business Data Analyst

Career Pathway: Big Data Analyst

Career Pathway: E-Commerce Developer

Career Pathway: Mobile Application Developer

Career Pathway: Networking and Information Security

Career Pathway: Consultant/System Achitect/Program Analyst

Career Pathway: Custom (individual design based on student’s background)

Select any three (3) courses listed in the above Career Pathways. Student is highly encouraged to consult with CIS major coordinator or a CIS major advisor to select his or her elective courses.

Additional courses for Custom Career Pathway:

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