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Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History Major (36 hours)

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1.   Minimum grade of “C” in all course work required for the major, including required cognates.

2.   Completion of 12 credit hours of required cognates.

3.   Completion of a language through the 2010 level, by college/university course work or examination.

4.   Completion of either HIST 1000 or 2020 and a class selected from the following: HIST 3000, 3101, 3102, 3260, 3265, 3490, 3500, 3510, 3531, 3600, 3604, 3606, 3611, 3612, 3662, 3700, 3702, 3762, 3766, 3880, 3882, 3884.

5.   Completion of at least 3 hours of “writing-intensive” courses at the 3000-level. (See list of courses below.)

6.   With permission of history faculty advisor, students may substitute advanced level (4000-level) history courses for intermediate level (3000-level) courses in the same chronological category.

7.   Completion of at least 9 hours of courses at the 4000-level, with at least one course in the premodern category and one course in the modern category. Three hours of 4000-level courses must be Baccalaureate Writing.

Core Requirements:

1. Introductory level history courses (12 hours)

Select either:

Select either:

Select either:

2. Intermediate level history courses

15 hours including at least 3 hours of writing-intensive courses (See list of courses below). At least 3 hours must be taken from the premodern and modern categories.

3. Advanced level and Baccalaureate Writing history courses

  • Students need to complete three courses (9 hours) at the 4000-level with at least one course that is in the premodern category and one course in the modern category.
  • Students need to complete one (3 hour) 4000-level premodern or modern course that meets the baccalaureate-level writing requirement. Baccalaureate history courses are designated “(BW)” in the online schedule of classes.

Note: Students considering graduate school are strongly advised to select the Senior Thesis (HIST 4990) or 5000-level Seminar as their required advanced level baccalaureate history course.

Track Areas (select one):

A. History Track

In addition to the Department’s Core Requirements, you will complete 12 hours of approved cognates and a foreign language through the fourth semester level. The History Track gives students an understanding of change and continuity over time in multiple thematic, chronological and geographical areas. Through a combination of advanced writing and elective coursework, students will acquire critical thinking skills and learn to analyze critically both primary and secondary sources, including both textual and material sources. Students whom complete this track will also develop and refine their ability to communicate their knowledge and analysis of the past in written and oral formats.

Cognate Requirements:

  • Four Humanities or Social Science Courses (12 hours) - Generally at the 3000-level that complement the area of emphasis in history. Appropriate cognates must be approved by a Department of History advisor.
  • A foreign language through the fourth semester level (or equivalency) by University course work or by examination.


B. History, Secondary Education Track

In addition to the Department’s Core Requirements, the History, Secondary Education Track requires the completion of 15 hours of approved cognates, and a foreign language through the fourth semester level. The History, Secondary Education Track will prepare you for a career as a middle or high school history teacher. You will develop the contextual grounding, theoretical frameworks, and research practices, necessary to develop lesson plans. Targeted out-of-class experiences will put this knowledge to immediate use as you hone your abilities in the classroom.


Note: successful completion of this program leads to but does not fulfill all requirements for teaching certification. Please consult the College of Education’s revised secondary education guidelines for more information.

1. History and Non-History Cognates

Complete 15 hours of approved cognate coursework through a combination of coursework in and outside of the department. All cognate courses must be approved prior to registration. The non-history cognates may be planned as the equivalent of a minor in another discipline in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students are encouraged to take one or more courses from the College of Education’s post-baccalaureate teaching certification program; please consult the Department advisor for additional information.

2. Internship/Work Experiences (6 hours)

All minors must complete 6 credits of HIST 4950 - Internship. You must confer with the Department’s Internship Supervisor before registering for HIST 4950. Projects completed outside of the direction of the Internship supervisor will not be awarded credit.

3. Foreign Language

A foreign language through the second semester level (or equivalency) by University course work or examination.

Writing Intensive and Baccalaureate Writing Courses - History

Writing Intensive Courses

Prerequisite: HIST 2900 or instructor approval.

Courses by Chronological Category - History


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