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Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 
Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Multimedia Arts Technology - Music (122 hours)(MATJ)

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The Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts Technology - Music is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in audio engineering, multimedia content creation, sound reinforcement, computer programming for multimedia projects, and technology-based performance. Students in this degree receive intensive, hands-on instruction and experience utilizing state-of-the-art electronic equipment and labs.

Admission procedures for the B.S. MAT - Music include:

  1. An application to the University during the initial filing period;
  2. An application to the School of Music including a letter outlining the student’s background, interests, and goals.
  3. Attending a School of Music New Student Admissions Day to:
  • complete an interview with Multimedia Arts Technology faculty (including submission of a portfolio and brief performance)
  • complete the theory testing for placement
  • attend informational sessions at the School of Music.

Visit or consult with Music’s Undergraduate Advisor for additional application details.

Prospective or current WMU students may apply to the B.S. MAT major a maximum of two times. Qualified students will be admitted to the program based on the following criteria:

  1. The extent to which their goals are in line with the program goals.
  2. The extent to which their knowledge and background supports achieving these goals.
  3. Available space in the program.

1. WMU Essential Studies (37 credit hours)

2. Major Core Music Program (16-18 credit hours)

Music Theory (2-3 credit hours)

One course selected from the following:

Music Appreciation (3-4 credit hours)

One course selected from the following:

Music Performance (8 credit hours) selected from:

All MAT students must register at least once for:

Applied Music and Ensembles (7 credit hours)

Applied Music (MUS 1000) and Ensembles are available to students who can qualify by audition with appropriate applied faculty and/or ensemble director. Select an additional 7 credits from the courses immediately below or the Ensemble Electives:

3. Major Course Requirements in Multimedia Arts Technology (45-47 credit hours)

A minimum 11 credit hours selected from the following:

Course Substitutions

Subject to approval by the School of Music MAT faculty and undergraduate advisor, additional courses related to arts and technology (not already listed above) may be used to fulfill some MAT requirements on a case-by case basis.

4. A Minor in Another Department of the University (15 credit hours minimum)

  1. In the event that the credit hours for the minor requirements established by the department which offers that minor are greater than 15, the students may make an appropriate adjustment in the hours allowed for free electives.

5. Free Electives (5-9 credit hours)

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