Nov 28, 2022  
Graduate Catalog 2021-22 
Graduate Catalog 2021-22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Certificate Program in Counseling Psychology (CPYC)

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The Certificate Program in Counseling Psychology Is for individuals who already have a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology or a closely related MA degree in psychology, and are seeking to obtain state of Michigan licensure as a Temporary Limited License as a Psychologist (TLLP)/Limited License as a Psychologist (LLP) in Michigan by completing additional graduate coursework, practicum and/or internship training. These individuals have already applied for licensure to the state with their master’s degree and been informed that they must complete additional graduate coursework, practicum and/or internship training to be eligible.


Admission Requirements

Admission to the Certificate Program in Counseling Psychology is based upon grade point average, educational background, letters of recommendations, completion of an appropriate MA psychology degree, completion of required background checks, as well as other factors. Applicants are required to complete and return online application materials and supplemental department questionnaire. In addition, applicants must already have applied for a Temporary Limited License (TLLP)/Limited License as a psychologist with the state of Michigan. They also must have received a written decision letter regarding licensure from the state informing them of any additional coursework and/or practicum/internship requirements that must be completed to establish eligibility for the license. Once an applicant has completed their admission application and received their decision letter from the state detailing remaining requirements, a meeting will then be arranged with the applicant and a faculty advisor. During this meeting the applicant and advisor will discuss and develop and individualized program of study detailing the coursework and credit hours of practica/internship to be completed to meet outstanding requirements. This individualized program of study must include a minimum of 9 credit hours.

Individuals who need to complete CECP 6130 - Field Practicum as part of the certificate need to first have the following courses or their equivalent completed: CECP 6040 - Counseling Techniques; CECP 6050 - Professional Issues and Ethics; CECP 6070 - Multicultural Counseling and Psychology; CECP 6110 - Theories of Counseling; and CECP 6120 - Counseling Practicum. Once an individualized program of study plan is developed and agreed to by the applicant and faculty advisor, the final admission decision will be made by faculty.

The department has three different application deadlines for the Certificate Program in Counseling Psychology admissions during the year: January 15, for ensuing Summer and Fall sessions/semester, May 15, also for the ensuing Fall semester, and September 15 for the following Spring semester.

Application materials are available online through links on the WMU Office of Admissions and department web pages. Upon formal admission to the certificate program, the student will be assigned a faculty advisor who will work with the student, review student progress, and approve required practicum/internship placements.

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