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Graduate Catalog 2007-08 
Graduate Catalog 2007-08 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education

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William W. Cobern,
Room 3245, Wood Hall

The Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education is designed for students who wish to obtain a strong background in science and to pursue research in science education.

Admission Requirements

The minimum admission requirements to this degree program are a master’s degree or concurrent enrollment in a master’s degree program in science, science education, or education with a science concentration.

Program Requirements

The program consists of forthy-eight semester hours of graduate work beyond course work counted toward a master’s degree. Each student’s program is planned in consultation with the advisor and consists of the following:

2. Twelve semester hours of research tools and design

to include a semester each in quantitative and qualitative research methods.

3. Fifteen semester hours of dissertation

Additional Program Requirements

All candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education must have satisfactorily passed a comprehensive examination. The examination should be taken after the student has completed the required course work and will include material from the graduate science education “core” of courses (SCI 6150, 6160, 6170, 6900) and material from the appropriate science area selected by the student and Institute director. The science area material will be prepared and evaluated by faculty in the science area after consultation with the science education faculty. The Institute faculty may require, in addition to the written exam, an oral exam.

Candidates also must have completed a master’s degree in science, science education, or education with a science concentration. They may have completed the master’s degree prior to beginning the doctoral program or while simultaneously enrolled in the doctoral program.

The research and dissertation are completed under the direction of a major advisor and a Doctoral Advisory Committee. The major advisor and dissertation committee members are chosen by the Institute director in consultation with the student and Institute faculty. The research problem is formulated by the student and must be approved by the Committee. Dissertation Committees and topics are subject to the approval of the deans of the College of Arts and Sciences and The Graduate College.

The residency requirement for this degree program is an academic year of two consecutive semesters of full-time study on the campus.

To be admitted to candidacy for the doctoral degree the student must have satisfactorily completed the course work, the research tools, the comprehensive examination, and a teaching experience in addition to the other candidacy requirements of doctoral programs in The Graduate College.

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