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Graduate Catalog 2007-08 
Graduate Catalog 2007-08 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate Program in Holistic Health Care

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Jan Dekker
2422 CHHS

The Graduate Certificate Program in Holistic Health Care is designed to provide education and experience in holistic approaches to health. Multidisciplinary in nature, it includes eighteen semester hours of study in holistic health care and related topics.

The program introduces students to complementary and alternative modalities that promote optimal health and healing, at both an academic and experimental level. Students are exposed to a variety of topics in this rapidly growing field and are encouraged to carefully evaluate the research on various evidence-based holistic practices. Students are also presented with a framework for wellness that helps them to make informed lifestyle choices and establish respectful, cooperative relationships with others and the environment.

The Holistic Health Care Graduate Certificate Program, offered through the College of Health and Human Services, is intended to supplement graduate education in related fields such as counseling education and counseling psychology (CECP), psychology, social work, nursing, occupational therapy, health care management consultation, physical education and recreation. It also complements many other graduate areas such as business, public administration, theology, and medicine. 

Graduates can use their holistic perspective and competencies to enhance their effectiveness in the responsibilities associated with their chosen professional fields or to equip themselves for new job opportunities in health and human service settings that emphasize holistic approaches.

In addition to providing a foundation in current holistic views regarding health care, the curriculum is designed to support the process of integrating knowledge into practice by fostering the cultivation of qualities of self-awareness and sensitivity to others.

Admission Requirements

Successful completion of HOL 5310 is a prerequisite to admission. Admission forms are available through the Holistic Health Program Office.

Program Requirements (18 hours)

2. Electives (9 hours)

Electives in Holistic Health

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