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Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10 
Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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COM 5510 - Methods of Media Analysis

An investigation of the approaches to media analysis (auteurist, intentionalist, sociological, structural, historical, ideological, psychological) by intensive “reading” and shot sequence examination and evaluation of widely divergent works.

Prerequisites & Corequisites: Prerequisites: COM 2410 or COM 3560 with a grade of “C” or better.

Credits: 3 hours

Restrictions: Restricted to the following majors/minors: Film, Video and Media Studies; Pre-Film, Video and Media Studies; Journalism; Pre-Journalism; Public Relations; Pre-Public Relations.

Notes: Undergraduates with junior or senior status with listed prerequisites completed may enroll in 5000-level courses with prior approval of advisor and/or instructor.

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