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Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10 
Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Ekkehard Sinn, Chair
Main Office:  3425 Wood Hall
Telephone:  (269) 387-2846
Fax:  (269) 387-2909

Michael J. Barcelona
Steven B. Bertman
John E. Chateauneuf
Herb Fynevever
David L. Huffman
James Kiddle
Gellert Mezei
John B. Miller
Yirong Mo
Sherine Obare
David S. Reinhold
Elke Schoffers
Donald R. Schreiber
Susan R. Stapleton
Andre Venter

Students majoring in chemistry may prepare for a career in industrial laboratory work, high school teaching, or graduate work in departments of chemistry, biochemistry, medical or dental colleges. The course offerings for the undergraduate are structured to give a broad but thorough grounding in the elements of chemistry. The chemistry curriculum should be fortified by a minor in physics, mathematics, or biological sciences.

The American Chemical Society certified program was developed in conjunction with the Chemical Industry. As a result students graduating from this program are better prepared for technical employment. Companies give preference to those majors and sometimes offer higher salaries.

Majors and Minors


Students are required to declare their intent to be a major or minor before completing their credit hour requirements. This is done by filing a declaration of major/minor slip with the advisor.

To qualify as a major or minor in chemistry from Western Michigan University, the student, including the transfer student, must complete a minimum of their last 14 credit hours (major) or 7 credit hours (minor) in the Chemistry Department. The courses taken for credit must include at least one which contains a laboratory experience. Students who plan to attend graduate school should take a minimum number of courses under the credit/no credit option.

Students must maintain at least a “C” average in their Chemistry courses and earn a grade of “C” or better in any courses that are to be used as prerequisites for other courses.

Students who have chosen a Chemistry major will satisfy the Baccalaureate-Level Writing Requirement by successfully completing CHEM 4360: Physical Chemistry Laboratory I.

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