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Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10 
Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Telecommunications and Information Management Major (TMLJ) (36 hours)

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Telecommunications and Information Management (TMLJ) is an interdisciplinary major offered through the School of Communication, College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Business Information Systems, Haworth College of Business.

The major prepares students for a variety of telecommunications and data communication subdisciplines, including telephony, data base management, network operations, cable television, satellite communication and Internet communication. The focus of the major is to give students a well balanced education in a variety of business and technical management issues.

The major offers a 21st century approach to the study of telecommunications and information technology by combining people and resources across the greater WMU campus. Students graduating as a TIM major will receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the College of Arts and Sciences or a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the Haworth College of Business (TMBJ).

Admission requirements:

Students will be required to formally apply and will be admitted on a selective basis. Students applying to the major from both Business Information Systems and Communication must have a minimum gpa of 2.50 and meet with the appropriate program advisor in either the School of Communication or the Department of Business Information Systems. Priority seating will be given to declared TIM majors in all required and elective courses identified with the major.

Business Students:
Students who have completed at least 42 overall semester hours, the Pre-Business curriculum requirements, and the Pre-TIM major requirements (BUS 2700, COM 2400) may apply. To graduate, students must meet the minimum requirement of 50% of their course work in the Haworth College of Business. For more information about the admission procedure, see the program advisor in the Department of Business Information Systems.

Communication Students:
Students who complete the Pre-TIM major requirements may apply for the interdisciplinary major in Telecommunications and Information Management. To graduate, students must meet all College of Arts and Sciences curriculum requirements. See the Communication advisor for more information.

Program Requirements

Pre-Major Courses (6 hours)

And Select Either:

Required Core Courses (21 hours)

Electives (9 hours)

After consulting with the major advisor, students will be advised to choose three courses from the following courses based on their individual interest, specific need, or career planning.


The following course clusters are recommended to students who wish to develop a subspecialty in either e-Business or Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

e-Business Course Cluster:

And one of the following:

Geographic Information Systems course cluster:

Because each GIS course contains 3 credit hours of lecture and 1 credit hour of lab, students who select one or more GIS course together with other elective course(s) may exceed the required 9 hours of elective credits.


All course requirements must be met to enroll in upper-level courses. A minimum grade of “C” is required in all courses applied toward the major. The baccalaureate-level writing requirement for Arts and Sciences students is COM 4480; for Haworth College of Business students, BUS 3700.

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