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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Military Science and Leadership - Four Year Program

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The four-year military science and leadership program is divided into a Basic Course (first two years) and an Advanced Course (last two years) and is offered as a minor program by the University. Non-contracted students who participate in the Basic Course incur no military service requirement.

Basic Course

The Basic Course is designed to give students a general knowledge of the role of national defense and also provides knowledge of leadership skills needed by military officers. Students completing the Basic Course have an opportunity to be considered for the Advanced Course program and obtain a commission in the active Army or Reserve components. ROTC students take at least one military science and leadership course each semester. First year students normally take MSL 1010 in the fall and MSL 1020 in the spring semester. Sophomore students take MSL 2010 during the fall and MSL 2020 during the spring.

Exceptions to the above requirements must be approved by the chair of the department. Students who have had three years of junior ROTC (High School JROTC) or who have completed basic training in any service may, with the approval of the chair of the department, have certain portions of the Basic Course waived. Students transferring from other institutions who have started any ROTC program will have their records reviewed to determine proper placement credit. 

Advanced Course

Students successfully completing the Basic Course may be enrolled in the Advanced Course with the permission of the chair of the department. The major emphasis of the Advanced Course is the development of individual leadership and military skills. During the junior year, students complete MSL 3010 and 3020. Between the junior and senior year, students will attend a 29-day ROTC Cadet Leaders’ Course at Fort Knox, Kentucky. During the senior year, students complete MSL 4010 and MSL 4020. HIST 3200, American Military History, or an equivalent course, is also required for commissioning.

Students who have less than four years, but at least two years, until graduation should contact the department about alternate entry options. Students who meet criteria outlined in Basic Course above may have some requirements waived and students with no military experience may be eligible for course compression or summer training to meet eligibility requirements subject to availability.

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