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Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 
Undergraduate Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

World Literature Minor (20 hours)

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Robert Felkel, Advisor
Department of Spanish

This is an interdepartmental program administered jointly by the Departments of English, World Languages and Literatures, and Spanish.

Studying the literature of other peoples of the world is one of the best ways to begin to know them. A great body of the world’s literature is available for study in English translation in a variety of courses and departments at Western Michigan University. The world literature minor grows out of and is based on these courses.

This minor should be of value to students who have a general interest in literature and are curious about the world, especially that major part which does not have English as its literary language.

Any student, including those majoring or minoring in English or Spanish or other Foreign Language, may elect the world literature minor. The minor should be of obvious value to students preparing to teach humanities or literature (at any of several levels), but education curricula students should understand that this minor is not a teaching minor.

The world literature minor can provide useful backgrounds to students interested in foreign affairs, law, politics, journalism, mass communication, and theatre. It should also be of interest to students in business, scientific, and engineering curricula who wish to do a minor outside their main field.

The minor should interest students who, whatever their career plans or major, wish the varied view and mixture of experiences of an interdepartmental program. Also, the wide range of electives possible should make the minor attractive to students who would like the opportunity to help shape their own programs.

Prerequisites listed for any of the courses in this minor will be waived. However, students with questions about the advisability of taking courses for which there are prerequisites should consult one of the minor advisors.

Transfer students should consult the minor advisor to determine the applicability of courses taken at other colleges.

Minor slips are required. Both the English and the Spanish Departments have world literature minor advisors with regular office hours, either one of whom may issue minor slips. For information, stop at or call the English Department office (269) 387-2572 or the Department of Spanish, 410 Sprau (269) 387-3001.


1. Twenty hours, with the following distribution:

2. Two or three courses (at least eight semester hours) selected from the following list:

3. Three courses selected from the following list:

Permissible Substitutions For Required Courses

With the approval of a minor advisor, students may:

1. Substitute one of the following courses for one course listed above

In either Requirement 2 or Requirement 3:

2. Substitute an advanced literature course

In a foreign language for one of the courses listed above in either Requirement 2 or Requirement 3.

3. Substitute a course or courses (maximum of 4 hours)

Not presently listed in the catalog, which may be offered as a special or temporary course and which is deemed by the advisors appropriate to the World Literature Minor.

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