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Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 
Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance: B.A. Program Major (DACJ)

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The B.A program focuses on flexibility within a liberal arts education with a strong foundation in general dance studies. B.A. students individualize their dance program by choosing electives to support their goals.

Students graduating from the B.A. in dance will have:

  • A general knowledge of technique and composition as they relate to the field of dance
  • Knowledge and/or skills in one or more areas of dance beyond basic coursework
  • The ability to synthesize knowledge in the application of an individualized project related to career goals.

Through completion of the B.A. in dance the student will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of dance technique
  • Demonstrate advanced application of skill in dance through clear and effective communication through one or more of the following: (performance, choreography, teaching, production & design, writing, speaking)
  • Integrate theory and practice through an individual project that applies artistic philosophy to career goals

Admission to the B.A. in Dance program is contingent upon acceptance via an audition. By November 1 of the first fall semester following initial enrollment in the program, the student will submit a career goal statement outlining career interests in dance and other fields where applicable. Dance faculty will review the statement and evaluate the student’s progress in the program. The student is required to schedule an appointment with an assigned dance faculty member to receive feedback during the following spring semester. Through this review, the student will receive individualized feedback on their technical and creative development as a dancer, assistance in refining their career goals; consider ideas for a minor or other major if not already declared, as well as a focus on remaining elective credits in dance.

A grade of “C” or better is mandatory in all required courses.

No minor is required.

WMU Essential Studies
The student enrolled in the B.A. in Dance must complete all WMU Essential Studies requirements as described in this catalog.

Fine Arts Cognate selected from WMU Essential Studies program
The student must select at least one course in Art, Music, or Theatre from the list of current WMU Essential Studies Courses to be used to fulfill any WMU Essential Studies Area.

Dance Technique & Performance (18 hours)

Dance Technique Requirements (6 hours)

Dance Technique & Performance Electives (12 credits)

Students may elect from any of the following courses:

Dance Theory (28 hours)

Required Courses in Dance Theory (19 hours)

Kinesiology COGNATE

*HPHE 2950 Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics may be used as a substitution for DANC 2950 for those students enrolled in a 2nd major for whom this is a requirement (e.g., Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Physical Education); the course may be used to fulfill the requirements in both programs.

Dance Theory Electives (9 hours)

Students should select 3-4 courses based on career goals and interests in consultation with the dance academic advisor.

Capstone Experience (5 hours)

Demonstration of Advanced Skill in Dance selected from the following:

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